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Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Influencer

by Fennella Miller for Urban Mindz

The Social Media Revolution

Social media is changing the world and the way we view and do things. It is even transforming how we view and do fashion. When it comes to fashion, there’s a new “it girl” on the block, the fashion influencer. Fashion Influencers are the new fashion stars of the digital world. Through their online platforms, these tastemakers influence the style standards of thousands daily. Whether you consider them bloggers, YouTubers, content creators or influencers, fashion influencers are working hard behind the scenes to maintain more than just their divinely curated Instagram feeds.

From photo shoots to brand collaborations, there is so much more that goes into being a fashion influencer than meets the eye. The glitz and glamour of fashion is what we all lust for but the hard work behind it can be cringe-worthy. From image to planning and sometimes even wearing many hats, let’s take a look at how fashion influencers are putting in work behind the scenes to maintain their brands.

Their Image Means Everything to Them

Image is everything when it comes to fashion. It’s not just what you wear but also how you wear it. For fashion influencers, the way they look and what they wear is directly correlated to their success. A nice outfit isn’t always all that is required to look good and maintain one’s image. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes. From hair to makeup and even the nitty gritty things that people forget about such as working out, eating healthy, taking care of their skin and so much more. When your living is based off the way you look, image becomes more than just surface level, it goes skin deep. From facials, manicures and even hiring stylists, you’ve got to make some heavy investments in your appearance if you want to really thrive as a fashion influencer.

They Take Time to Plan Everything

These museum gallery-worthy Instagram feeds and beautiful editorial photo shoots don’t just happen, they are planned. Influencers are great at finding the perfect balance between looking like celebrities, yet still somehow being relatable. It is a technique that many top fashion and lifestyle bloggers have mastered. The key is to make things that are planned appear unplanned. From the photographer to the location to the Photoshop edits and intricate poses, everything is being thought out in order to perfect their brand.

They Wear Many Hats

All great entrepreneurs know that one stream of income isn’t enough. I mean they say that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income. You can’t just rely on one thing to get you by and even influencers have caught on to this. Fashion influencers aren’t just settling or limiting themselves to negotiating brand deals. They are packaging themselves as multidimensional fashion experts to their audiences and monetizing their other fashion skills. Styling, design, consulting, e-commerce, creative direction, speaking and even teaching classes are all ways that they are monetizing their brands.

Thanks to their large social media platforms, the demand is already there! Fashion influencers are using their influence and digital platforms to profit off their other talents and capabilities. Some are even juggling three of more things. Managing it all successfully actually takes more than just looking cute, it takes some business acumen.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Maybe you’ve thought about being a fashion influencer but you weren’t aware of the grind behind the scenes. Well, as long as you are willing to put in the work, you can become successful at this, or anything else you want to do in your life. Although pretty, fashion is not as easy as it seems, but if it is your passion, all the hard work will be worthwhile.

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