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Jackie Aina Changes the Face of Mainstream Beauty

by Zaria Sims for Urban Mindz

Nigerian-American, Jackie Aina is a beauty guru who sets the mold for women of color who are makeup enthusiasts. With over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Jackie continues to open doors for women of color to be embraced in mainstream spaces of the makeup industry. She constantly fights for the empowerment of brown women by holding beauty brands to a higher standard of responsibility and genuinely advocating for inclusion.

Representation Matters

It is well-known that women of color have long been pushed to the side by makeup brands while European beauty standards have been globally promoted in the media. Recognizing this, Jackie rejected these standards of beauty put upon women of other shades of color and began promoting makeup products and colors made for women like her. The bold shades of blue, coral, gold and other colors Jackie wears not only complement the rich tone of her skin, it allows her followers to see just how beautiful these colors will also look on their skin.

As a natural-born educator, Jackie produces high quality, in-depth, step-by-step makeup tutorials for her audience. On her beauty channel, her videos consist of educational materials including makeup tutorials, skincare routines, fashion hauls, beauty-related product reviews, and even relationship advice. She consistently brings positivity, light-hearted humor, and advocacy to her audience, and has managed to remain relevant in the beauty industry for many years.

Jackie’s career on YouTube has spanned over the course of an entire decade and is steadily flourishing towards greater heights. She reigns at the top of the saturated beauty world because of her unique style, beauty and personality. As a revolutionary approach towards creating monumental changes within the standard of beauty, Jackie has collaborated with makeup brands and partnerships to create products specifically geared towards women of color. Over the years, she has partnered with Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Sephora, and Sigma Beauty.

Her newest palette with Anastasia Beverly Hills is catered to women of color. Every pigmented color of eyeshadow has an undertone that was specifically made to reflect beautifully upon brown women. Jackie has spoken out against eyeshadows that look grey, ashy, and unappealing on darker women. As a result, her limited-edition eyeshadow palette has color swatches showcased on three different skin tones ranging from fair to high levels of melanin. For her collaboration with Two Faced last year, she added nine different shades of foundation to the Born This Way collection.

Jackie’s enthusiasm for inclusion is her motivation for continuing to make powerfully charged content on her YouTube channel and she doesn’t take her role as an influencer for granted. She is firmly aware that her audience consists of not only women who enjoy her beauty tips, but younger followers as well. She also knew what it was like looking through beauty magazines and rarely seeing a reflection herself, which is why she expands beyond giving makeup tutorials. As her audience has seen over the last ten years, Jackie also encourages others to love themselves, embrace their uniqueness, and follow their dreams.

Jackie Aina beautifully represents what it means to be fierce, not only in appearance but in business; to think creatively; and more importantly, always be authentically you. From the ground up, she has built a million-dollar beauty career all from her determination to change the face of mainstream beauty. It may not have been an overnight process, but her journey of hard work, kicking down doors, and collaborating with some of the biggest brands in the makeup industry has led to more inclusivity of makeup products for women of all shades.

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