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Jeantrix Turns Fashion into Art

by Fennella Miller for Urban Mindz

Jeantrix Fashions

Black fashion is on the rise and we are here for it! There are many talented Black designers breaking through in the fashion industry and creating their own path by bringing urban flavor to runways.

Jeantrix is one of these brands making strides and paving the way for other urban designers. Though they have been designing for many years, Jeantrix defines what it means to be true creatives in an industry where bigger designer labels had been getting all of the shine. The brand, co-owned by design duo Homm and Nyce, take a very artistic approach to their collections that are nothing short of unique. The artistic elements in their clothing come as no surprise as Homm and Nyce started off as visual artists before utilizing their skills for fashion design.

Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Magazine coined Jeantrix as “Philly’s coolest denim line”, though the brand doesn’t limit itself to just denim. Jeantrix has created intricate art-like pieces on leather jackets, t-shirts, footwear, duffle bags and other materials. Needless to say, the brand isn’t afraid of experimentation and welcomes collaboration. As one of their first partnerships, Jeantrix began collaborating with popular shoe brand Dr. Martens by customizing shoes and boots, and recently collaborated with music artist Dawn Richard (a/k/a DAWN) for their New Breed collection. New Breed is also the name of DAWN’s latest album, which made for a perfect collaboration.

The influence of Jeantrix’ brand has caught the attention of fashion magazines and celebrity stylists. Their wearable art pieces are now worn by music icons like Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, and even Jay-Z and Beyonce’s beloved, Blue Ivy Carter.

The accomplishments Jeantrix has experienced show just how far anyone could go when taking their craft seriously and by the horns. In addition to celebrities wearing their collections, they have also gotten the attention of luxury department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue in Philly and New York. At the flagship location in New York, Jeantrix designs were exhibited in a full window display at Saks Fifth Avenue for several weeks, and inside of the New York and Philly locations, both Homm and Nyce made custom designs on merchandise for store shoppers. At Neiman Marcus in Philadelphia, the duo designed a wall with graffiti art to serve as the backdrop for a 90’s themed private party that featured performances by hip-hop icons Lil’ Kim and Doug E. Fresh.

Jeantrix has made major strides cultivating relationships with other retail brands and producing their own fashion shows for Fashion Week. The success they’ve had is monumental and an inspiration to aspiring Black designers. They have proven that even in an industry where Black designers and models had been getting the short end of the stick, there is clearly room for anyone whose talent can’t be denied and opportunities for success are always there if you create them.

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