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Lizzo: The Multi-Talented Artist Who Took 2019 by Storm

by Fennella Miller for Urban Mindz

What do you get when you mix killer performances, a huge splash of lyrical talent and add angelic vocals with a powerful message on top? With a mix like that you get a talented female artist like Lizzo. There is no question that Lizzo has been one of the best entertainers to hit the stage in years. In an era of microwave artists, Lizzo is a new age artist that is the whole package. Her confidence in who she is and her raw authenticity allows her fans to truly connect with more than just her music.

Lizzo is undeniably a born star, but her journey hasn’t always been easy. Melissa Viviane Jefferson, who the world now knows as Lizzo, was born in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up, Lizzo was surrounded by music. She grew up in a religious household with an affinity for gospel music. Her love for performing began when she moved to Houston with her family. She later settled in Minneapolis where she started her journey as a recording artist. Although her surge in popularity is recent, she is no stranger to the music game. She has been studying music for years and tirelessly perfecting her craft, despite setbacks.

Before signing with Atlantic Records and Nice Life, Lizzo released two albums, Lizzobangers in 2013, and Big Grrrl Small World in 2014. Both albums saw moderate success, but it was in 2019 that she got her big breakthrough. In 2019, she started to garner mainstream attention when her song “Truth Hurts” was featured in the Netflix film Someone Great. The irony in this is that the single was actually released in 2017. The song skyrocketed up the Billboard charts in 2019 and “Truth Hurts” was Lizzo’s first groundbreaking hit. This goes to prove that sometimes it's not that you’re not good enough, it just takes time for people to recognize real talent. Lizzo’s long journey in the music industry should encourage other talented artists to never give up and keep putting themselves out there.

Even with so many new female singers and rap artists coming out on the scene, Lizzo stands out for many reasons. She is also well known for her ability to play the flute. She began playing as a child and continued to improve her skills to incorporate them into her performances. The way she so effortlessly integrates her talent playing the flute is worthy of a standing ovation within itself. At the 2019 BET Awards, Lizzo began playing her flute in the middle of a performance that brought the audience to their feet. Mega stars like Rihanna stood up to applaud, and gave Lizzo a standing ovation at the end of the performance.

In a day and age where the entertainment industry is plagued by superficial beauty standards, Lizzo stands for body positivity. Her music and overall brand motivates women of all shapes, sizes and demographics to feel empowered and be who they are. That alone is highly commendable. What fans love about Lizzo is that she embodies the same confidence and positivity that she sings about. She is a true artist that we should all support. She consistently gives her listeners quality music and powerful performances that are full of love and positive energy.

There is no question about Lizzo’s unique talent. Whether she’s singing, adding rap bars to her music, playing an instrument, encouraging her audience to love themselves, or giving an energetic performances on stage, this is what fans have come to love about her. Lizzo’s music fuses pop, R&B, soul and rap sounds in a melodic blend that is bound to satisfy diverse listening audiences. The beauty of it all is that her journey is only just beginning.

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