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Men’s Winter Fashion Featuring Vie + Riche Paris

by Zaria Sims for Urban Mindz

Vie + Riche Paris 2019

Feel it in the air, we are naturally transitioning from fall to winter in less than a month and some of us have already begun pulling out hoodies, sweatsuits and heavy jackets. For the man who chooses to be fashionable year-round, no matter the temperature, men’s fashion label Vie + Riche Paris is a great option to look to during the season’s change.

Vie + Riche is a NYC-based street wear fashion label co-owned by Abiel Ruiz & Fausto Montano. The label has a prepossessing fashion demeanor that captures the heartbeat of urban style. In other words, Vie + Riche Paris is flyer than fly and well respected in the fashion industry. They demonstrate their appreciation for intricate, menswear design by making a limited number of garments for each custom design. In addition, Vie + Riche Paris has a “no restock” policy, meaning that once items sell out online, they are gone for good!

For the man who wants to be in style this winter, here are some dress essentials from Vie + Riche Paris to stay fly:


Overcoats have always been a must-have for fall and winter, but the Vie + Riche Paris overcoats come with removable fur collars and suave color block patterns. This staple piece can enhance any wardrobe and provide comfort while wearing heavier pieces underneath.

Vie + Riche Paris 2019

A Bubble Coat

There is absolutely nothing like a good bubble coat. Often, during breezy weather season, we find ourselves negotiating between wearing a heavy jacket or going without. This is often due to not wanting to cover up a fly fit, but fortunately, a Vie + Riche bubble coat will keep you warm while providing style to match your fly underneath.

Vie + Riche Paris 2019

Comfortable Hoodies

For the guy who likes to go without a coat during the winter and opts to wear hoodies instead, Vie + Riche has a hot collection this year of color-blocked tech hoodies, tie dye styles, mixed media hoodies and their new “Area 51” hoodie.

Vie + Riche Paris 2019

Whether shopping for relaxed clothing or needing heavier gear to stay warm, yet fly this winter, Vie + Riche Paris has a hot collection this year that will keep the man with urban style heating up the cold winter months.

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