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Passionate Fashion Collector Turned Phenomenal Fashion Creator: Sai Sankoh!

by Angela McShan for Urban Mindz

Vintage and contemporary fashion with the perfect blend of Old Hollywood glamour debuted on the international red carpet of design on November 12, 2018, with the launch of the Sai Sankoh clothing line. Draped in perfection and accompanied by mesmerizing elegance, Sai Sankoh is captivating the fashion industry with unique pieces that are tailored for today’s woman.

Sai Sankoh Resort 2019

Sai Sankoh is one of today’s designers whose pieces highlight fabulous couture and elite quality fabrics that are trendy yet cost efficient. Her line features garments that can easily transition from the executive office to coastal waters without a flaw in design. She’s styled high-profile celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and Michelle Williams, all wearing the Sai Sankoh brand.

The story of Sai's passion for fashion is one that is equally as unique as her designs. Vintage and distinctive fabrics have always fascinated her, which explains her bold approach to designing pieces that are intimate to the touch and intriguing to the eye. The inspiration for the Sai Sankoh brand originates from her home country of Sierra Leone. She strives to uplift others and bring awareness to her country to provide designers and entrepreneurs with a platform that allows them to showcase their talents. She firmly believes that success is not acquired if you fail to uplift those around you.

Her self-titled brand was designed for the ambitious woman who is unapologetic, audacious and a lover of the most exclusive fashions and designs, much like herself. This woman is extraordinary. She is sexy. She is confident. She is the heart of Sai Sankoh designs!

Sai Sankoh Lady in Red

What’s on the horizon for Sai Sankoh? She is working to design and deliver more amazing collections and spearheading projects to introduce within the design and tech niche. She is also putting forth efforts to construct a factory in Sierra Leone to allow some of her future pieces to be produced there, where her brilliance originated.

In the world of Sai Sankoh fashion, women are empowered, celebrated, and respected. They are encouraged to “Be Fabulous, Be You” and explore life in style with no regrets.

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