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Spring Style 2020: Haute and Fabulously Familiar Looks Have Sprung

by Angela Wills for Urban Mindz

The New Year brings joyous celebrations, resolutions, and new opportunities. It also debuts haute new styles that you don’t want to miss. You shouldn’t wait till spring arrives to find out what to expect with the upcoming season. Designers are spicing up the fashion scene this spring with a fiery burst of vibrant colors, powerful polka-dots, and the return of itty-bitty shorts.

Here are a few spring 2020 styles you can expect to captivate the season:

Tantalizing Tangerines

(From left to right: Pyer Moss Spring 2020 and Christopher John Rogers Spring 2020)

Designers around the world are injecting juicy hues of tangerine, citrus, and orange into the spring 2020 fashion collection. Some of the most notable designers at New York Fashion Week introduced spring styles in effervescent shades of citrus. It’s common for designers to display intriguing and energetic colors in their spring collection. This spring you can expect to see a healthy dose of Vitamin C on the shelves in pieces ranging from skirts, tops, crops, and accessories.

The Technicolor Takeover

If you thought the styles of last spring were a bit blah, you’re in for a treat this year. Bursts of the rainbow are making an appearance to brighten up the wardrobe. Mixtures of reds, yellows, blues, and greens deliver Technicolor swatches in your favorite pieces. The plush rainbow ignites the world of fashion producing collections that appear kaleidoscopic and are simply fun to wear. This style is great for casual or play and can be a bold fashion statement for the fashion-forward individual.

Play Up the Polka Dots

Almost everyone has at least one garment with polka dots in their wardrobe. While they have always been an acceptable print, designers have downplayed them in seasons past. This spring introduces a resurgence of the popular prints or patterns. Polka dots are popping up all around, including sheer designs, sequined gowns, casual pantsuits, and more. This is a look you may not have to shop for, but simply reach in the back of your closet to retrieve an old favorite polka dot piece that you already own and voila! You’re ready for spring!

Short and Sassy

The most significant trend of the upcoming spring is the short and sassy short collection. It’s a straightforward and simple design that will be available in a variety of styles. Casual, play, activewear, and dressy shorts will set the tone for the spring. While shorts are a simple style, this spring you can expect them to appear in various textures, hues, and styles. Have fun or create a sophisticated look with them. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with the short and sassy look.

The spring 2020 fashion collection introduces a multitude of style and design options, which give a little style play for everyone. Top designers such as Carly Cushnie introduce subtle shades that are sensual and empowering for women. While designer Laquan Smith keeps it edgy this spring with short shorts paired with oversized belt buckles for a bold but dashing look. Fashion designer Romeo Hunte takes it up a notch with his perfect collaboration of corporate attire and streetwear to create a turn of the decade look with denim and blazers. The look may seem familiar, but the styles take on an entirely different approach to jazz up the season and energize the spring 2020 style collection.

(From left to right: Carly Cushnie Spring 2020 and Romeo Hunte Spring 2020)

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