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Tamron Hall: How One Door Shut and Three More Opened

by Zaria Sims for Urban Mindz

Emmy-nominated and award-winning journalist, Tamron Hall is the breath of fresh air daytime television has been missing. All in one year, Tamron became a mother, wife, and the host of her very own talk show. Her story is a tale of winning after facing defeat.

With over 20 years of live experience in broadcasting and anchoring, Hall has served as a host and spokesperson for the “Today” show, MSNBC News, Investigation Discovery Deadline, Macy’s 4th of July ceremony, Sister Wives on TLC, and even the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. Her two decades spent as a local news reporter and correspondent set her career on the path towards evolutionary greatness. In 2014, Hall made history by becoming the first black female to co-host the “Today” show, and has paved the way for other women in newsrooms across the board.

Despite having a successful career and many achievements under her belt, Tamron was jilted in 2017 after unexpectedly being released from NBC’s “Today” show. Without being properly notified, Hall was informed that her segment, Today’s Take, with co-host Al Roker, would be discontinued. After putting everything into her career, Tamron suddenly found herself starting over from scratch in a state of disbelief. However, she remained faithful and never let her loss defeat her. As an act of goodwill and grace, she donated her entire wardrobe from the show to those in need.

Over the span of her career, Hall has been a leader in the community through her activism and philanthropy. As a tribute to domestic abuse survivors, she created the Tamron Renate Fund to provide a helping hand to families coping with the effects of abuse. She also led Today ’s “Shine a Light series,” which was a campaign geared towards supporting and educating victims of violence.

On March 4, 2019, Tamron sent a double shockwave through social media by posting a beautiful video of her baby bump while listening to “Baby Shark!” She later went on to state, “My husband Steven and I are beyond excited! We’re in constant prayer, so if you pray, add us to your list,” revealing to the world that she was indeed married.

Three years earlier, during a segment on the “Today” show, Tamron was asked about her biggest regrets. Her response at that time was, “I loved life at 25. I really did. The only thing…and this is because we have to be honest on the show... the only thing I would have done was have a child.” Well, dreams do come true. After announcing her pregnancy to the world at 32 weeks, Tamron was very open about her process enduring IVF treatments. At 48 years of age, Tamron delivered her beautiful baby boy, Moses!

Giving birth to her son wasn’t the only thing that was life changing for Tamron in 2019. Last March, Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International announced that Tamron would be hosting her own talk show. Airing on the ABC network, the Tamron Hall show premiered on September 9th, 2019. Tamron uses her new platform to embrace authenticity, community, and vulnerability. Growing up in the small town of Luling, Texas had a humbling effect on Hall’s view of life. Her new television show is an ode to everyday superheroes who strive to change the world, and Hall has stated she does not want to gain a fan base by solely inviting A-list celebrities to be guests on her show.

The rise and takeover of Tamron Hall has been a remarkable display of what it means to fight for your dreams. Her upward-moving momentum towards making an uplifting change in the world has been duly noted. As a woman with integrity, grace, and class, Tamron is showing the world how to professionally succeed while maintaining a happy home life. After years of working extremely hard at building her legacy, Tamron accounts her success to her loving family and faithful relationship with God. Through her story, it is clear one can always turn a negative into a positive. Just keep your head up and keep fighting!

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