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Today's Creatives: Who Are They and What Sets Them Apart?

by Angela McShan for Urban Mindz

Kollin Carter, A.V. Rockwell and Misa Hylton

Today’s world is captivated by new age concepts and unique transitions. In the beginning, there was advertising, marketing, and sales. It was simple enough to understand, yet advanced enough to get the job done. In the beginning, that was enough.

As time progressed, minds began to expand, presentations went digital, and people began to expect more. People were no longer pleased with “just enough.” People wanted creativity. Who are these people? You are! I am! We are! We are the people who want more! What’s wrong with more? Absolutely nothing; more is magnificent. In fact, with expanding minds and greater expectations come the desire, drive, and ambition to deliver more. But who has the ambition to give the people what they want? It’s simple, but not the ordinary kind of simple.

Creatives! Creatives are all around us. They are opening our eyes to view fashion differently. They are opening our minds to new beginnings. Most importantly, they are opening our hearts to accept change, creative change, and it’s absolutely brilliant!

Creatives Are Beyond Ordinary

Let’s be clear on exactly what a Creative is, and what they do. Creatives are those who view the world different than the average person, because they’re beyond average. Creatives are inimitable individuals who simply don’t fit. They don’t fit in with what’s accepted, because they create their own rules. They don’t fit in with the crowd, because they were created to stand out.

Creatives are influencers and not only on social media. Their intrinsic gifts and extraordinary talent motivates them to take the lead and run past the finish line. Their goal? Their goal is to not be bound by goals, but to live life unapologetically and share their talents, skills, and dreams with us, the people who want more but may not be creative enough to grasp it.

We know that we are the people, but who are these Creatives? More importantly, what are they doing so differently? So many are yet to be discovered, but we’ve captured the best of the best, and are shining the light on a few of the most unique and innovative Creatives of 2019.

Kollin Carter - Stylist to A-list Celebrities

Kollin Carter is a creative genius in the fashion industry. “Stylist” may be his title, but it’s his passion for design and beauty collaborations that has made him the “It” stylist for celebrities like Cardi B.

Kollin works hard. He grinds to bring his visions to life and his love for fashion is one that surfaced at a young age. He was a freshman at Jackson State, in Mississippi, when he realized that styling was actually something people do for a living. What does this mean? He did it for his love and passion for styling. He is a natural-born Creative.

What makes Kollin different or sets him apart from all other stylists? That literally depends on who you ask. But one thing that makes him phenomenal at what he does is that he tells himself, “Make the impossible possible somehow [for my clients].” This statement alone means that he pushes beyond the limits to make things happen for others. This is something that people simply don’t do much of anymore, going the extra mile for others.

Even for Kollin, after going the extra mile, building relationships in the fashion industry wasn’t always easy. He worked with Cardi B before she became the A-list celebrity that everyone sees her as today. During that time, big brands weren’t always open to the idea or willing to lend Cardi their designs for shows or events. But for Kollin, this was unacceptable. For other stylists, having high-end fashion labels say “no” would have sent them reaching out to other labels, but Kollin is driven. He is ambitious. He is uniquely Kollin Carter, and his sense of fashion and style has nearly every fashion label pleading for Cardi B to wear their designs next.

A.V. Rockwell - Filmmaker with the Voice that Demands and Grabs Attention

She was born in Queens, NY and once described as a “rising indie filmmaker” by Entertainment Weekly. A.V. Rockwell’s films are hailed for their fierce, yet poetically-cultivated portrayals of urban life. She has a distinctive and captivating voice that dominates as her work respectfully addresses issues of family, race, character, and organized oppression.

Rockwell’s work grew wings and took off after she worked as director on the set of ‘The Gospel’, a music-inspired short film that was commissioned by Alicia Keys. She’s won several accolades, including a Through Her Lens grant from the Tribeca Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program, which was awarded for ‘Feathers’, Rockwell’s film that was acquired by Fox Searchlight. What’s the big deal? The big deal is that the acquisition of a short film by a major studio like Fox Searchlight was unprecedented. Rockwell’s film shares the same house as notable greats like ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri’, ‘12 Years a Slave’, and ‘Shape of Water’.

After this monumental achievement, it’s safe to say that A.V. Rockwell has risen and her creative spirit will bring many more inspiring films to the people who want more.

Misa Hylton - Fashion Icon and Game Changer

Misa Hylton describes herself as a creator with a love for fashion, music, hip-hop, and wardrobe. Combine that all with her personal style and she’s described her natural gift to create fabulous looks that everyone loves.

Her creative sensation landed her in positions to work with major talents like Lil’ Kim, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott and many other major artists. Her risqué approach to fashion and style has been eye-catching, as she has always aimed to create never-before-seen looks that many would be afraid to attempt. But not for Misa Hylton, she has never been afraid to express her creative brilliance through fashion and design.

It was Misa’s boldness and willingness to explore what others dared to that landed her the current position as Global Creative Partner of MCM. It’s a role that allows her to explore her freedom and grants her the space she needs to create greatness. She believes in the MCM brand and even better, they believe in Misa Hylton and her creative ingenuity.

Overall, Creatives are laying the groundwork for others to prosper and present themselves and their ideas to the world. It’s an ever-changing whirlwind that triggers curiosity and excitement among the masses, and the most exciting part is you never know what to expect. But considering what we’ve been seeing from Creatives building and expanding their brands today, we can be certain it will be nothing short of ingenious.